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Propol – Glucomannan Capsules for Obesity Control


PROPOL is a natural weight reducing agent and the only anti-obesity product with no SIDE EFFECTS.

  • Propol is natural water-soluble dietary fiber derived from konjac root.
  • Propol is a product of Japan and FDA approved in 52 countries.
  • Propol is the only anti-obesity product with “No Side Effects.”
  • Propol (Glucomannan) is a product of Shimizu Chemical Corporation Japan.
  • The only EU-EFSA approved product for reduction of Body Weight and Cholesterol Lowering.

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PROPOL offers unique benefits in the following health conditions.

1- Obesity

  • It contains “Zero Calories”.
  • Reduces body weight by 0.79kg/ week 1
  • Effective weight maintenance even after discontinuation.
  • 2 Capsules Thrice a day (Half an Hour before Meals with two glasses of water)

How Does PROPOL Makes me Feel Full and lose weight?

Propol contains glucomannan (Konjac) in the correct quantities approved by EFSA for weight loss. After intake of PROPOL the glucomannan immediately starts working in your stomach and swells up to 50 times forming into a gel. The stomach reacts to this gel solution in the same way it would to food, which delays gastric emptying thus creating feeling of fullness.( Gastric emptying refers to the speed at which food and drink leaves the stomach).

Food is retained in the stomach to allow digestion to take place, where as fluid leaves the stomach almost immediately.

This is why a glass of water will not satisfy us in the same way as food will. It is the delay in gastric emptying that makes us feel full and reduces food intake of subsequent meal.

2- Hypercholesterolemia

  • Reduces LDL Cholesterol by 15.99 mg/dl 1
  • Reduces Triglycerides by 11.08 mg/dl 1
  • Reduces Total cholesterol by 19.28mg/dl 1
  • 2 Capsules Twice a day (Half an Hour before Meals)

How does Propol reduce My Cholesterol?

Propol (Glucomannan) works in the stomach. It forms a gel and adsorbs 40% of dietry fats which it wastes through stools thus reducing blood cholesterol.

3- Diabetes

  • Reduces Fasting Blood Glucose by 7.44mg/dl 1
  • 2 Capsules Twice or Thrice Daily (Half an Hour before Meals)

How does Propol Help Control My Blood Sugar?

Propol (Glucomannan) works in the stomach. It forms a gel and adsorbs carbohydrates in the food and delays its release in the gut for absorption thus helping in control of sugar in the blood resulting in normal HBA1C and improvement in Insulin sensitivity.

4- Belly Fat

Glucomannan makes you lose belly fat and prevent belly fat re-gain thus improves waist hip ratio and helps control diabetes.

5- Constipation

Glucomannan by mixing with water acts as a bulking agent and helps form stools and pass it through the gut thus helps in relieve of constipation.

Ref 1: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol 88, No. 4, 1167-1175, October 2008. of a multicenter study including 531 patients, who were given Propol (Glucomannan).


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