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Feridon— Iron Syrup with Vitamins


A Unique Combination For Iron Deficiency Ailments with no SIDE EFFECTS

Effective in:

  • Iron deficiency related ailments in adults and pediatrics.
  • Body development, growth, repairs and absorption of certain other nutrients.
  • Synthesis of genetic material in all body cells and proper functioning of nerve cells.
  • Quick absorption of iron, so lesser adverse events are expected to occur.

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FERIDON offers unique benefits in following health conditions

1. Iron deficiencies:

How FERIDON helps me fulfilling iron need ?
Iron is essential for the normal formation of red blood cells, hemoglobin in red blood cells to carry
oxygen across the body, alertness and cognitive function. Iron bisglycinate is a specialized form of
iron that has better absorption with out the common irritating gastric and other side effects.

FERIDON also contains L-Methyl folate, a nutritional supplement, to boost red blood cells
production. As a result each tissue in body gets proper oxygen & nutrients supply to perform optimum functions.

Also the Vitamin C present in FERIDON speeds up the absorption and digestion of iron to achieve
optimal levels in your body.

This triple action boost your body response.

2. General improvement in health:

How Vitamin C and B12 are helpful to my health?

Vitamin C is needed for the formation of normal body muscles, collagen, cartilage and blood vessels
in body, along with it regulating several other body processes such as healing, protection from free
radicals, iron absorption and storage.

Vitamin B12 is particularly important for protein metabolism, red blood cells formation, nerve cells
function and body cells genetic material synthesis.
FERIDON contains both the vitamins to over all boost your health along with catering the iron

3. Who needs FERIDON?

  • Iron deficiency anemia patients
  • Iron deficiency symptoms include weakness, dizziness, shortness of breath, fatigue, etc.
  • Athletes
  • Multi-morbid, Old aged & Malnourished patients
  • Children in growing age with additional needs
  • Women with heavy menstruation
  • Lactating mothers

Ref: mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements-vitamin-c/art-20363932


FERIDON presentation

FERIDON syrup is available as 120ml pet bottle pack, in highly palatable chocolate flavour.


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