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9 Tips to Loose Belly Fat

These days everyone is very conscious about their physical appearance and looks. Nobody likes to have bulgy arms and bulky body. Belly fat is a biggest NO for everyone. Especially in females belly fat is a major hinderance in their perfect looks.
In order to loose belly fat one must keep following points in mind:
  1. Cut down sugar from diet
  2. Enhance protein intake
  3. Cut down carbohydrates
  4. Consume fibrous food
  5. Do Regular work out
  6. Monitor calories
  7. Maintain weight within average standards given
  8. Consume healthy fats
  9. Reduce stress levels

1. Cut down Sugar from diet:

Food that have excessive amount of white sugar like bakery products, cakes, biscuits, beverages, sweet syrups can cause major weight gain in individuals who are taking them on regular basis. It badly effects the metabolic health of a person.

The basic element present in white sugar is fructose, it leads to the deposit of fat around the abdomen and liver. When a person takes too much sugar, the liver gets over burdened with the load of fructose and ultimately it converts it into fat. Liquid sugar is even more problematic as brain doesn’t consider the calories from liquid like it does the calories from solids. With liquid consumption we end up taking a larger amount of calories.

In order to loose belly fat one must cut down the intake of sweetened drinks, sugary sodas, canned juices, energy drinks, slushes and soft drinks.

While buying a product one must read the labels carefully and make sure that product does not have refined sugars.

2. Enhance Protein Intake:

Protein is an essential macronutrient of our diet. Higher intake of protein reduces untimely food cravings and boosts up the metabolic rates. Larger consumption of protein is associated with the lesser chance of abdominal fat gain especially in females.

Greater consumption of protein rich foods e.g. whole eggs, meat, chicken, fish, pulses, nuts and dairy products boost up the metabolic rates ,keeps stomach full for longer times and decrease the hunger levels., making it a perfect combination to loose weight.

Several researches has shown that protein is an effective macronutrient against the abdominal fat.

3. Cut down on carbohydrates:

Most effective way to lose the belly fat is to cut down carbs. from one’s diet. Whenever a person reduces the intake of carbs, his hunger level gradually goes down and he ends up in losing weight.

Low carbohydrate diets also leads to the quick lowering of the water weight of the body. It gives quick results to the people following weight loss journey. It’s even visible on the weighing scales in 1-2 days.

Studies analyzing the low carb and low fat diets shows that consumption of low carbs particularly lowers the fat levels in the abdomen and around other body organs.

In order to lose the belly fat quickly people lower the carb consumption to 50gm per day. This can lead to ketosis in body and lowering of hunger levels. Its proven by studies that by lowering the carbs consumption for a regular period of time helps in getting rid of excessive belly fat, especially around the body organs like liver.

4. Consumption of fibrous food:

Fiber is most of the time indigestible plant matter. Increased intake of fiber helps with weight loss. It gives the stomach feeling of fullness and decrease the hunger levels. Increased consumption of fiber each day is associated with the decrease in caloric intake and loss of weight around 2 to 3 Kgs over the period of one month.

The soluble fiber is remarkably useful in lowering down the harmful belly fat. The easiest way to consume fiber is to eat more of the plant foods, which includes fruits and vegetables.

Greater consumption of the soluble dietary fiber can lead to the decrease in the belly fat. It leads to the improvement in metabolism and also lowers the risk of many diseases.

5. Regular Workout:

Regular workout is one of the best things to uplift the chances of better health, long life and avoidance of diseases. Loosing belly fat is one of the amazing health benefit of regular workout. There are a lot of exercises including walk, running, swimming, jumping, Pilate, etc. which results in a huge reduction of belly fat.

By maintaining the regular workout routine, one can lower down the possibilities of regaining the belly fat after losing weight. So regular workout is very helpful in the maintenance of weight. Along with other advantages of exercise, loss of belly fat is also one of its major health benefit.

6. Monitor Calories:

It is said that you are what you eat. In order to keep the track of diet taken, one needs to monitor its calories vigilantly. These days many calories counting apps and monitors are available. By using them wisely one can easily increase the calorie intake of proteins and cut down on the calorie intake of carbs and fats.

Belly fat is associated with the larger risk of many diseases. Calorie count is one of the key lifestyle change. It can lead to the improved health outcomes and loss of fat aournd the belly and other body organs.

7. Maintenance of Weight:

Loosing belly fat and overall body weight is one thing and being persistent and maintaining it throughout is another. One must continue the healthy lifestyle regimes and habits in order to maintain the loss of belly fat.

8. Consumption of healthy fats:

Healthy fat can also be beneficial in losing the belly fat. Healthy fat choices includes, olive oil, nuts, eggs, avocados, fish, peanuts and butter. We can incorporate them in our regular diet to get the desirable effects on our body.

9. Reduce stress levels:

Stress is one the greatest enemy of human health. During panic times, a person eats more, which ends up in accumulation of fat in certain parts of the body especially belly.

Stress eating can lead to ill health.It must be controlled at initial levels before its outcome starts to show up and ends in taking anti depressant medicines which makes you gain weight.

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